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My Five Core Competencies... according to Me

CONTEXT: The world has gone digital and rapidly continues to evolve.  Corporations are struggling with traditional business and operational models finding it difficult to adapt to the new era.  These same companies are in need of transformational leaders capable of reorienting the organization towards a new vision by means of solid business planning, creating new operational models while managing and attracting motivated talent.


RELEVANCE: With extensive experience working with a number of startups, building and establishing digital and analytics service practices (agency side) as well as an enterprise Centre of Digital Excellence supporting various lines of business, my ability to develop concrete business and organizational plans have allowed me to create solid business foundations upon which employers have been able to realize measureable business value.

CONTEXT: Technology, SAAS, cloud Infrastructure, marketing automation, CRM, SSO… today’s world of marketing requires technology, hence the emergence of the CMTO (Chief Marketing Technology Officer).  The need to understand the tools and technologies that enable business strategies is becoming ever more critical in order for leaders to understand the interdependencies, limitations and possibilities that best inform comprehensive digital strategies.


RELEVANCE: Leaning on my roots in Computer Science and business consulting allows me to straddle between business and technical stakeholder groups by speaking each of their respective languages.  Gaining alignments, selling ideas / concepts and driving transformational change are all part of the process in not only defining digital strategies but also actualizing them.






CONTEXT: With the emergence of Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA), comes the need for more sophisticated data management practices and policies.  The pace of change is leaving organizations and government regulators caught in a game of catch up in respect to defining the rules around data privacy.  At the same time marketers are salivating at the potential that all of this data can bring in terms of identifying and directly connecting with high probability customers (existing and new).


RELEVANCE: As an active contributor on both the IAB Data Analytics Committee and industry dialogue on topics of OBA, data privacy, hyper-targeting, programmatic and DMP’s, this is an area that I have personally decided to overinvest in this year.  Considering digital media’s increased reliance on data, this is naturally a space that I have latched onto and have been building successful models out in respect to control test analysis related to sales and other relevant business metrics.



CONTEXT: Metadata, taxonomy, user experience, page rank, inbound links, campaign tagging, analytics, a/b testing, conversion optimization, SEM, paid / earned / owned, social media marketing, influencers… the list is extensive and requires foundational work, campaign planning and measurement. 


RELEVANCE: Digital marketing requires rapid testing, learning, iterating and evolving.  Supported by team members and agency partners, the key is in developing sound processes, RASCI and leaning on appropriate tools to streamline and maximize performance and business impact.  These are all key ingredients that I have repeated numerous times throughout my career in having built successful teams and digital marketing divisions both in agency and corporate environments.

CONTEXT: Simply Google “How much data is being created” and you will find a plethora of data points broken down by day, minute, second across a number of digital and social platforms.  They say that data never sleeps.  How can brands keep pace?  How can brands harness this data, make sense of it all and activate against it?


RELEVANCE: Those who know me, recognize me as a “Data Guy”.  Data is my strength; it’s my passion.  Working in retail has exposed me to deep data intelligence into loyalty card activity, POS transactions, digital behaviours, social intelligence, flyer distribution as well as a number of data filters including psychographic profiles, data segmentation through both 1st and 3rd party sources.  Not to mention, the exploration of all facets of data including sources, collection, storage and reporting have strengthened my familiarity with complex big data infrastructure, visualization and marketing delivery models / methods.


If you would like to “Geek out” then talk “data to me” and see where it takes us…



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